Mile Post 398

Taking place on the Navajo Nation, Cloyd Begay (Beau Benally), has been a victim of alcohol abuse and domestic violence throughout his childhood in result having him resorting to alcohol to repress his memories. As he is willing to take responsible for his life and as husband and father, his drinking buddies Jimmy (Gerald Vandever) and Marty (James Junes) cultivate in having Cloyd continue their carefree lifestyle of drinking and partying, preventing him to change. All the while, his wife Lorraine (Kim White) and son Michael (KJ White) begin to lose hope in him and seriously consider leaving him. As the ensuing events unfold, it leads him making the choice that will change his life forever.

  • Mile Post 398

    1h 50m

    Mile Post 398 is a 2007 independent drama film written, directed and produced by Shonie and Andee De La Rosa, it is also the first featured film in cinema history that an all-Navajo team wrote, produced, directed, filmed and starred in.

    Taking place on the Navajo Nation, Cloyd Begay (Beau Benall...